Blessed with employees who relentlessly put efforts to achieve our professional goals. We work to impact students life in very positive manner. Teachers pay attention to every small detail of students and themselves too as there’s always room for improvement. Teachers being experienced in teaching as well as industrial arena, add up to all round development of students making them ready for the further challenges in life.

LakshyaTech classes tutor : Prof. Govind Dubey

Prof. Govind Dubey

MSc. Bio-Chemistry (Nair Hospital)
Spl: Zoology and Botany
Teaching Exp.: 10 yrs.

LakshyaTech classes tutor : Prof. Vinesh Dhotre

Prof. Vinesh Dhotre

Spl: Chemistry

LakshyaTech classes tutor : Prof. Sachin Shinde

Prof. Sachin Shinde

Spl: Physics

LakshyaTech classes tutor : Prof. Santosh Sagvekar

Prof. Santosh Sagvekar

Spl: Physics

LakshyaTech classes tutor : Dr. Ajit Yadav

Dr. Ajit Yadav

Spl: Zoology and NEET
Teaching Exp: 3 yrs